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Willie & Avril’s love of good food and Willie’s obsession with quality started a family business in the heart of Rosscarbery. It took him more than 15 months of trial and error with all tasting being done around our kitchen table. Avril thought it would never end! Rosscarbery Recipes Black Pudding achieved the first ever Irish Award in the biggest European Black Pudding competition in March 2007 3 months after we launched.

Sons, William and Maurice, have been involved in the business from the time they could help and often they were asked to do things which would occupy them and keep them out of mischief. 


William and Maurice bring their youth but also their interest in health and nutrition to the table.

William worked with Willie to develop Rosscarbery Gluten Free Black and White Pudding while Maurice has worked for 18 months on his new product development to launch Rosscarbery Biltong in October 2017.

Biltong is a high protein delicious dried beef snack. A perfect on the go healthy snack. It all came about through the need for good food on the go.




But from this they grew and absorbed everything they could about the business from production to deliveries and all along, it has been about the quality. They were there to celebrate when awards were won; to taste anything we were trialling in the kitchen and their criticism was held in equal esteem by Willie.

Meet the Family

Its About Taste, Quality and the Best Local Produce.

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